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Collier de Chien

We are delighted to have in stock a very rare Edwardian 14 strand pearl and diamond plaque collier de chien, also referred to as a “dog collar”

These were brought into fashion by Queen Alexandra the consort of Britain’s King Edward VII. Due to a childhood accident the queen is said to have had a scar on her neck so she always wore her collars high to hide it or incorporated them into her choice of jewellery. Around the end of the 19th century French firms like Cartier started producing  these dog collars using pearls, diamonds and other materials like velvet and even plique- a jour enamels. The queen took to this new fashion and so started the craze for these collars.

The one we currently have in stock is French with the diamonds set in 18ct gold and silver (the use of platinum was still in its infancy at this stage in jewellery design). The plaques are designed in the art nouveau taste typical of the period.

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