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What is it about the Eighties that so many people are stuck there?  So I am a student of the Eighties and if it is for the music (but even I am getting over that…) then I could understand it, but let’s move on from that way of thinking where marketing (a buzzword in itself then) was limited to either the age-old medium of paper or still-quite-young medium of television.  Nowadays consumers consider both of these to be one-dimensional in that they take the form of the seller talking TO the customer and get treated like an interruption or “white noise”.  Whilst I have not been guilty of still believing that these forms of advertising actually work, I have been guilty of just sitting back and resting on the laurels of good ol’ word-of-mouth advertising.



Everyone from my teenage kids to younger colleagues at work has been going on about Social Media and what amazing things it can do for your business, but a couple of us older, non-“techies “have failed  to understand – or maybe have it explained properly to us – the HOW part of this process.  I went to a presentation by a guy called Mark Sham, a real Joburger – but hey, that’s not his fault! – who explained how social media, by giving your voice a platform/microphone, allows one to engage in a conversation, share experiences and ultimately build relationships with your customers – making big companies appear small and small companies appear big.  The thing that is Mark Sham’s fault is inspiring me enough to overcome my indifference to social media and to unleash my voice out there on all of you.



Our mandate was to tell you stories about us – how Kay’s Antiques started, how and why our stock offering has evolved over the years, interesting back-end stories in our everyday work lives…and anything else you would like to know!  But you are going to have to wait until next week for my first instalment as it is going to take me all weekend to learn from my kids how to do all this on Facebook – yes, this was typed on Microsoft Word…!  Let me know what you think?



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